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Tax Resolution Services for Portland-Area Taxpayers

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Are you a Portland-area taxpayer struggling with back taxes, tax audits, levies, garnishments, or penalties? For these and any other State or IRS tax problem, our professional team of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs are your trustworthy source for tax resolution services in Portland. We represent Portland individuals and businesses to negotiate with the IRS and/or State of Oregon to settle all tax debt problems for good. Call us today for a free consultation at (503) 427-9235 to speak directly with myself, and I will make sure you get the tax help you need. We look forward to working with you!"

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Portland Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Back taxes, Federal or State, affect thousands of Oregon taxpayers in some shape or form.  To avoid crippling seizures or garnishments against your wages and assets, we offer a variety of personalized IRS back tax forgiveness programs to reduce, and settle your back tax debt for good.

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Tax Attorney Services

Having a licensed tax attorney represent you with the State or IRS will give you a distinct legal advantage in properly settling your tax debt.  The dedicated tax attorney team at Portland Pure Tax provide expert tax debt negotiation and settlement for Oregon individuals and businesses.

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Stop Wage Garnishment

When outstanding tax debt and penalties go unsettled for an extended period of time, the IRS will issue crippling collections in the form of wage garnishment and levies.  Our licensed tax attorneys can stop wage garnishment for Portland taxpayers and protect their wages and assets.

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Business Tax Help & Consulting

Portland Pure Tax has a team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and business tax consultants that work with Portland businesses to settle business tax problems, and provide ongoing bookkeeping and consulting solutions.  For all your business tax resolution, consulting, and accounting needs!

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Are you a Portland-area taxpayer struggling with tax debt or penalties?

Is the IRS threatening to seize your assets or wages?

Are you a local business owner struggling with business tax problems?

Unfortunately, these questions apply to many individuals and businesses in Portland, Oregon and surrounding communities.  Having tax problems is stressful enough, finding a tax resolution service that provides the expert tax help and customer service you need, shouldn't be.  Pure Tax Resolution is Portland’s professional and trustworthy source for tax resolution and tax attorney representation. Whether you need help pursuing an affordable IRS back tax forgiveness programs for your back tax debt, you are receiving threatening collection letters, or you need a licensed tax attorney to represent you with the IRS or State of Oregon, you can count on our in-house team of talented and knowledgeable tax resolution specialists to find the right solution. Portland Pure Tax Resolution has a knowledgeable staff of IRS tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents who have what it takes to get you results with top-notch customer service, and we take pride in serving Portland and its surrounding communities.



Our licensed tax resolution professionals including tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs work together to provide customized solutions for Portland individuals and businesses experiencing complicated tax problems...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

Through the proper negotiation by our licensed tax attorney and enrolled agent staff, we can pursue any number of convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plans that reduce, and settle your back tax debt.


Tax Attorney Advantages

Every tax resolution case we handle and settle is the direct product of the hard work of our dedicated tax attorneys. Our team of licensed tax attorneys are experienced, diligent negotiators for our Oregon clients in need of tax debt relief.


Stop Wage Garnishment & IRS Collections

Is the IRS sending you collection letters?  Are you currently a victim of a wage garnishment and need immediate help? You can stop wage garnishment and levys today by contacting us immediately.  Our licensed tax resolution professionals can contact the proper IRS authorities for you, suspend any collections, and formulate a plan to settle your tax debt.


IRS Tax Audit Help

The IRS issues audit every day on Oregon individuals and businesses alike, and not having the proper IRS tax audit help and representation can be hazardous. By having an IRS tax audit attorney on your side, the odds of settling the audit and rectifying any outstanding tax filing issues are greatly in your favor.


Tax Penalty Abatement

Many taxpayers don't realize the impact that tax penalties and interest can have, as they continue to accrue once the IRS or state identifies back taxes.  As the debt grows, so do the odds of facing a garnishment or levy. To settle your tax penalties and avoid collections, you should pursue professional tax penalty abatement from a professional firm like Portland Pure Tax.


Solutions for Business Tax Problems

With so many hard-working small business owners in the Portland area fighting to sustain and grow their business, crippling business tax problems is an unfortunate reality. To help small business owners stay on track for success, Portland Pure Tax provides expert small business tax help, including rectifying tax debt and filing issues, plus provide business owners full-service accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing services to keep their business healthy and profitable.


Professional Tax Resolution & Tax Attorney Representation for Portland, Oregon Taxpayers

We strive to offer effective and customer-friendly tax help for Oregon individuals and businesses in need of a professional and trustworthy tax attorney firm to settle their tax problems.  Our tax resolution services are all-inclusive, so whether you have a tax debt problem for you or your business, or need a professional tax accounting solution to keep your books and payroll compliant for your business, we can provide a personalized tax help solution backed by licensed tax attorneys and consultants. Contact us for a free, personal consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb today.


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