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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness for Portland, OR taxpayers

The licensed back tax attorneys of Portland Pure Tax Resolution can help you secure a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness program to settle your back taxes for good

IRS back tax forgiveness Portland

Is IRS back tax debt causing you to worry about your financial future? When back taxes are threatening your personal and financial well-being, don’t spend your time sitting around just waiting for things to get better. After all, delinquent taxes aren’t just going to disappear if you ignore them, so it’s important for you to get back taxes help right away. If you live in Portland or the surrounding communities, Pure Tax Resolution and their team of experienced back tax attorneys are ready to construct an IRS back tax forgiveness solution suited to your needs. Rather than let unpaid tax liabilities cripple your financial situation, let our trusted team of CPAs, enrolled agents, and tax attorneys take the burden off your shoulders and represent your best interests with the IRS.


Pure Tax Resolution of Portland provides a variety of proven back taxes help solutions:

Payment Installment Agreements

Sometimes, a taxpayer may be eligible for a partial installment agreement, where a licensed back tax attorney negotiates a monthly installment plan that is affordable and convenient for the taxpayers. How you present the facts and circumstances of your case to the IRS will have a direct bearing on your ability to obtain this type of relief. Because of the importance of getting it right the first time, relying on a licensed tax professional to negotiate for your is vital to securing this IRS back tax forgiveness program.

Offer In Compromise (OIC Agreements)

You may have heard about the OIC program.  It is an agreement with the IRS where the IRS agrees to reduce your tax debt and accept less than you owe in satisfaction of your IRS back taxes.  Although you may have heard about an OIC on television, the radio or the internet, it is important for you to understand that it's not guaranteed that you will be able to obtain one.  The forms for submitting an OIC are detailed and require many calculations.  The OIC is only one tool in the tax resolution expert’s tool box, but in some cases a valuable one. Because of the complexity of the OIC process, you should unquestionably rely upon tax help experts like those at Portland Pure Tax Resolution to guide you through the OIC process.

Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC Agreements)

Sometimes referred to as a hardship determination, a CNC determination may produce a permanent solution to your IRS back tax problem.  To obtain a CNC determination, under statute, you need to persuade the IRS that the unique facts and circumstances of your case favor a CNC determination.   Because the presentation is key, and the IRS has discretion in applying the statute, the level of professionalism in your application, and how you marshal the facts to support your cause has a direct bearing on your likelihood of success.  It goes without saying that tax attorneys, who spend 7 or more years in school, learning the art of persuasion gives you an advantage when trying to persuade the IRS that your case warrants a CNC determination.


Learn More About Our IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

When dealing with IRS back taxes, it is important for you to get back taxes help that suits your individual situation. Many tax relief companies out there apply a one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with unpaid taxes, but that’s not what you’ll get when you hire Pure Tax Resolution to help you deal with your unpaid tax debt. Instead, you’ll benefit from customized service that’s designed to provide you with the best solution for your circumstances. When you call on us to help you settle your back tax debt, our local and experienced back tax attorneys will work closely with you to find out what your needs are and how to best meet them. Contact us today to get IRS back taxes help you can trust!

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